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Image by Karolina Badzmierowska

 Sign up today for a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON and see for yourself. 

Art 4 Kids and Teens is a Residential studio located in Mission Viejo, CA. Our Kids art Class focuses on high-quality group art instructions for kids, ages 5 - 16 years old. In our dedicated and equipped classroom, our professional staff will teach you how to draw using the same techniques used in art college courses. 


 Learn with a pencil all the way up to oil painting. Your child will have their first drawing completed by the end of the first class! See the fantastic instructions and care in our service and in dealing with your child. 

 If you have any comments or questions, please contact us. (details below)

We are currently an Approved Vendor with many Charter Schools: Inspire, Cabrillo Point Academy, Excel, Sage Oak, Summit Academy, Ilead, and River Springs and we are always adding more.


Please ask if you don't see your Charter School listed.

Welcome In!

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Our Class Curriculum

Listed below are the building blocks of the course, which students will work their way through over the course of their time in the class. 

1. Pastels

Students start off their creative journey in Pastels, learning to sketch from images and color with more realistic lighting and texture.

2. Acrylics

Students will pull from the sketching skills they have practiced in Pastels to sketch out and paint a multitude of paintings using Acrylic paint.


(We will also use gel an additive to acrylics that gives students the ability to make 3D paintings.)

3. Sculpture

Students will learn to make a number of pieces (8-15 sculptures) by baking them at home then painting and glossing them in class

4. Watercolor

Students will learn Watercolor, starting off with several basics in their instruction to learn the differences between this medium and Acrylic paints. 

5&6. Sketching & Toning

Sketching brings together all the skills from the course of a student's art classes. It involves being able to draw things from real life that they see in front of them.

Toning has students practicing in values, the lights and darks of objects, to prepare for Oil Painting.

7. Oil Painting​

Students bring together every practiced skill from their classes to work in this "more effort required" medium and learn the skills of the masters.

More detailed explanations will be available through email with Mrs. Natalie (Head Teacher) or in person during the free introductory class

Contact Us:

27302 Via Avila, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

(949) 813-1654

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